Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My rod, my dad, my memories

Melissa and I happened to head over for lunch at my parents' house yesterday.  For those that may not know, my father is rather sick.  He has serve memory issues and has either dementia or Alzheimer's.  There are other things as well, but no one is really sure what else is going on and there is no definitive answer.  While there, I decided to take a look around the house.  My parents and I moved to this house when I was two years old.  Many things and places in the house brought a smile to my face and reminded me of better times.  I meandered downstairs to the workshop.  This area has always housed our fishing gear, tools, etc.  Much to my surprise, I located a long forgotten item here.  The moment I saw those green wraps of thread and that white rod I knew exactly what it was.  My face lit up and my eyes got huge.  I pulled my recently discovered, long forgotten gem out of the can and raced up stairs to show my father and Melissa just what I had discovered.  What was it you ask?  I was able to locate the first ever fishing rod and reel I ever had.  Pulled from a trash can of neglected fishing equipment was my green Zebco 202 reel paired with a 5', (pretty sure fiberglass) Zebco Centennial rod.  Man, oh man did I strike it rich with this find!  They really don't make rods like they used to.

My father has been a lifelong fisherman.  Growing up in Michigan, he chased panfish with cane poles throughout the Great Lakes region in an effort to put food on the table .  Upon hearing the news that he was going to be a father, and he was having a son at that, he rushed out to buy a rod and reel.  Before I was even born, I had a fishing rod.  Maybe I was destined to be involved in fishing?

Very early on, my father took me fishing.  My first trip was to Deep Creek Lake.  Before I was allowed to even touch that green and white beauty, I was instructed using a cane pole.  We camped out at the lake and caught bluegill and perch for dinner.  As the years have passed, memories of that time have faded but I still remember my father holding a cane pole and lifting up a perch with a smile on his face.  I caught my first bluegill there.  I am positive that I was hooked on fishing from then on.

Having mastered the cane pole so to speak, I was allowed to advance to my shiny green and white Zebco.  Before each fishing trip, my father had me practice with it by casting in the back yard.  I had a little plastic plug tied on to the end of the line to aid in casting and reduce potential injury from a hook.  We all know how awesome (not really!) kids are when they first start casting.  It wasn't long before I got the hang of pushing that button on the reel and letting her fly through the air.  Man could that rod cast and that reel sing!!

Between fishing trips with Dad and family vacation, some friends and I discovered a small pond down the road from the house.  Seemed like it was miles away when I was walking there as a kid.  Now I doubt if it was even a mile.  I chased bluegill and largemouth in that pond with my friends for many years to come.  Always with that Zebco.  Looking back on it, those were some of the best times I ever had fishing.  Many laughs, many smiles and a tremendous amount of fun.  I used to come home with a stringer full of fish for dinner.  I guess I am a little ashamed to admit that now.  Oh well.  Ignorant youth I suppose.

In my teens, I discovered girls but I kept on fishing with that Zebco.  I can't for the life of me remember when, but at some point I broke the tip of the rod off and moved to a spin cast rod/reel combo.  I am not sure if breaking the tip off caused me to make that move or not.  I guess, looking at how we all progress as fishermen, it might have been inevitable.

I love fishing.  Nowadays fly fishing and tying have become a way of life for me.  I can't thank my father enough for introducing me to this most wonderful pastime   I think my love for it may exceed his own love for fishing but not by much.  The amount of joy that Zebco brought me cannot be measured nor accurately described in words.  Seeing and holding it yesterday opened the floodgates allowing wonderful memories of outings in the past to wash in.  It was amazing for me to race upstairs and share them with my wife and father.  Some he remembered, and laughter rang out in the house.  Almost thirty-nine years later, that Zebco can still bring a smile to the face of son and father alike.  I do regret never having the time to honor my father's request and teach him how to fly fish.  I think he saw very early on just how much I loved it and wanted to be a part of it.  I also wish we could have taken one more fishing trip together.  While he is still with us, fishing now is impossible for him.  Memories never made and time lost.  I am glad though I can still remember what it was like to fish with him all those many years ago.

It has taken a beating but still looks good!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mail Call

Man what a day for mail at J&M Flies.  First up I got my TNT stickers.  Many thanks to Brian for sending them.  If you haven't had the pleasure of reading TNT, check them out at their site/blog TNT or on Facebook at TNT.  They are great reads packed with a lot of good and helpful information.

Second thing to talk about from the mail today was the mug.  As I stated a few weeks back, we ran a contest over at the J&M Flies fan page.  The winner was to receive a 18oz stein/mug from Dave Whitlock with a Bluegill on it.  What better way to rep for the Year Of The Bluegill?  We couldn't think of anything better!  Well the mugs arrived today.  I say mugs plural because I couldn't resist not getting one.  I mean, who could right?  The thing is awesome.  It is heavy, 18oz, has a bluegill on it, has flies on it, and it is from Dave Whitlock.  I had to have it and I am so glad I got one.  I love it.  I hope our contest winner is just as pleased with his as I am with mine!

Check Out A Year On The Fly

I follow a number of blogs and sometimes I forget to check in on them.  My apologizes to all.  I mean no disrespect, I just get busy with my full time job, part time job, blogging (not much lately I know), the fan page and now Instagram.  Craziness.  I need an assistant just to do all my electronic stuff these days.  Anyways, while I was sitting here checking out those blogs I follow, I discovered a contest going on over at A Year On The Fly.  Not only is Joel fishing but he is painting as well.  I am digging the Bluegill and Popper and of course the Pumpkinseed.  Two prints I can certainly get behind because after all it is the Year of the Bluegill. That is not to say that his other prints aren't nice, because they are.  I can appreciate the Brown in Hand as well as the Apache trout.  Both look amazing.  All of them would look splendid in the tying area.  Oh my I think my wallet just groaned!  Anyways, check Joel out at A Year On The Fly

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working On My Fly Boxes

I am planning to get out this weekend and chase either browns or brookies so I thought I would work on my fly boxes.  I have been working on my nymph box.  I love fishing nymphs as much as dries.  I discovered this  pattern last year.  It is called a Psycho Nymph.  It is a variation of the bead head Prince Nymph.  Personally, I love it.  Now granted I have only caught one fish on it, a brownie, but I have faith in it.  I know it is going to pay off very soon.  Here is a link to an article from Fly Fisherman.  Good stuff indeed.

For brook trout, nothing beats a Humpy in mind opinion.  I love them.  I typically fish a very small mountain stream for brook trout.  By small, I mean if this stream is 6 feet wide, I would be shocked.  I have been fishing it for almost 20 years now and believe I know it like the back of my hand.  I throw Humpies in sizes 14 and 16 in red, green, yellow, black, and orange.  I have gotten some chartreuse ones but haven't used them yet.  For the most part, red and yellow seem to be the best colors. 

Damn I am getting some serious cabin fever now!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Year of the Bluegill and Voting

So it is that time of the month that one.  Get your mind out of the gutter people!  Ha!  Anyways, it is time to vote for the spotting contest over at The Fiberglass Manifesto.  Once again, yours truly is in it.  I would appreciate the support and help from you all.  I am wearing my new bluegill shirt while tying up some poppers.  What better way to start off the new year than to show our support for the Year of the Bluegill.  I get tired at times of hearing from all the "purists" out there that this fish doesn't qualify as a decent fish on a fly rod.  They aren't just for beginners anymore.  Bluegill rock!  Please show your support and love.  Send Cameron an email stating that you want to vote for me because I rock!  All you have to do is send Cameron an email at and tell him you are voting for Jeff Price.  Here is the link Vote for Jeff Price!   

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Here are some items I have won recently on Facebook.  First up is a shirt and some stickers from Swift Fly Fishing.  For you glass geeks out there, check them out.  They make a sweet glass rod.  I am dying for an Epic blank but not sure I could afford the divorce that would accompany it.  Check them out at Swift Fly Fishing.  That blue one is so calling my name.  Second, is the box of flies I won over at Stream and Brook Fly Fishing.  They are based out of Middlebury, VT and offer the angler a chance to land a quality rainbow, brown, brook, smallie, and pike.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  They recently gave away a guided trip over at Rock River Rods.  I honestly would have no clue what to chase given the chance.  It would be a toss up between smallies, brookies, and pike.  I have never caught a pike before. Ever.  Anyways, you can check them out at Stream and Brook Fly Fishing.  Last, are some items I paid for but are still cool none the less.  I love this zombie sticker!  It comes from Combat Fly Fishing.  Who doesn't love a good zombie?  How about one combined with fly fishing....winning!!  You can check them out at Combat Fly Fishing

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Small Bait Fish Patterns

Here are some more color combos I have been working on.  I am really digging these flies and I can't wait to try them out in the Spring time.  I think they are going to rock!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fish Skulls

The production line is moving at full speed and we have been turning out poppers, Persuaders and Road Kills.  I was prepping popper bodies last night and got a bug up my ass so to speak.  I ordered the new Sculpin Helmets the night before.  These are the new Mini size.  I was excited about them and started rooting around in the cabinets to see what I could make.  I came across my Fish Skull heads I bought a while ago.  So, naturally I started searching the internet to see what I could make with them.  During this search, it dawned on me that I had the perfect streamer already.  Well maybe not perfect but hell at least it is a start.  The streamer I am talking about is this guy:

It has been a long time since I last worked on him.  I really liked this guy and thought the color combos were spot on for a small sunfish.  So I decided to add the Fish Skulls to it.  I found a Golden Chartreuse one rated for size 8, 6 and 4.  I tied on the micro pine squirrel, catcus chenille and congo hair as usual.  The last step was the Fish Skull.  I really like the look of this guy and cant wait to fish him. I am going to try him in some different color combos as well.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Contest Rules, Regulations, and Procedures

So sorry for the delay in getting this out to everyone on the blog site but here are the rules, regulations, and procedures for the contest we are having on the J&M Flies page on Facebook.  If you want to enter and don't have Facebook, shoot us an email at and we will post it for you.  So far there are only 24 photos posted so you have a very good chance at winning.  Good luck all.

CONTEST time and CONTEST Rules: So the kids have spoken and they want to see photos. Who am I to deny them? We wanted to make this an all bluegill theme but realized some of you out there may not have had the pleasure of catching these little brutes on the fly rod yet. So in order to allow everyone to participate (if they so choose) we decided to try for a bluegill theme but other photos will be accepted. The rules, guidelines and requirements will be as follows:

(a) send us your favorite bluegill photo (fish, fly, place to fish etc)
(b) if you don't fish for bluegill, send us your favorite fishing photo
(c) no dead fish please
(d) be creative
(e) we would love to see some lighthearted and funny photos
(f) the kids will pick the winner (against my better judgement)
(g) the contest will run until 1000 AM 02/16/2013 and nothing submitted after that will be accepted
(h) you can post the photos on our wall or send them to us to post
(i) all decisions by the demon children are final

Again, the winner will receive a dozen of our Panfish Persuaders and a 18 oz coffee (or beer) stein with a bluegill and some flies on it. This will be from Dave Whitlock and it will contain his artwork. I will attach another photo of it so you all know what it looks like. The stein can be seen at Scroll down and you will see a photo of the stein and the artwork as well.

So what are you waiting for...get to sharing those photos!