Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Friday, February 22, 2013

Check Out A Year On The Fly

I follow a number of blogs and sometimes I forget to check in on them.  My apologizes to all.  I mean no disrespect, I just get busy with my full time job, part time job, blogging (not much lately I know), the fan page and now Instagram.  Craziness.  I need an assistant just to do all my electronic stuff these days.  Anyways, while I was sitting here checking out those blogs I follow, I discovered a contest going on over at A Year On The Fly.  Not only is Joel fishing but he is painting as well.  I am digging the Bluegill and Popper and of course the Pumpkinseed.  Two prints I can certainly get behind because after all it is the Year of the Bluegill. That is not to say that his other prints aren't nice, because they are.  I can appreciate the Brown in Hand as well as the Apache trout.  Both look amazing.  All of them would look splendid in the tying area.  Oh my I think my wallet just groaned!  Anyways, check Joel out at A Year On The Fly

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