Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Contest Rules, Regulations, and Procedures

So sorry for the delay in getting this out to everyone on the blog site but here are the rules, regulations, and procedures for the contest we are having on the J&M Flies page on Facebook.  If you want to enter and don't have Facebook, shoot us an email at and we will post it for you.  So far there are only 24 photos posted so you have a very good chance at winning.  Good luck all.

CONTEST time and CONTEST Rules: So the kids have spoken and they want to see photos. Who am I to deny them? We wanted to make this an all bluegill theme but realized some of you out there may not have had the pleasure of catching these little brutes on the fly rod yet. So in order to allow everyone to participate (if they so choose) we decided to try for a bluegill theme but other photos will be accepted. The rules, guidelines and requirements will be as follows:

(a) send us your favorite bluegill photo (fish, fly, place to fish etc)
(b) if you don't fish for bluegill, send us your favorite fishing photo
(c) no dead fish please
(d) be creative
(e) we would love to see some lighthearted and funny photos
(f) the kids will pick the winner (against my better judgement)
(g) the contest will run until 1000 AM 02/16/2013 and nothing submitted after that will be accepted
(h) you can post the photos on our wall or send them to us to post
(i) all decisions by the demon children are final

Again, the winner will receive a dozen of our Panfish Persuaders and a 18 oz coffee (or beer) stein with a bluegill and some flies on it. This will be from Dave Whitlock and it will contain his artwork. I will attach another photo of it so you all know what it looks like. The stein can be seen at Scroll down and you will see a photo of the stein and the artwork as well.

So what are you waiting for...get to sharing those photos!

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