Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Blues/Recap

Well it has been over a month since my last post.  Where does the time go?  Thanksgiving came and went and now Christmas is a short nine days a way.  Relatives have come to stay and come for holiday dinner.  Holiday parties and plays have been attended, photographed and watched with pride. It has been a busy month indeed.  Time stands still for no man it seems.  I have been slacking lately due to the winter blues.  Well winter blues and the Xbox.  I have to admit that I discovered Medal of Honor Warfighter and Assassins Creed III.  I tend to be like a crack addict with both.  I do believe though that I would make an excellent assassin just judging from my game play.  There have been a few days here and there that had nice weather.  I, of course, couldn't get out due to my full time job.  I had high hopes of switching to trout this winter and stepping up my game.  Right now that doesn't seem like a possibility.  My local TU chapter went out to Beaver Creek fly shop to do some fishing and hear a lecture on fishing the creek.  I wish I had been able to go.

We have been busy though cleaning things up.  The tying area has been reorganized and rearranged.  I have a habit, as most tiers probably do, of leaving shit all over the tying desk and shoving materials in any old drawer.  We changed that or so I hope.  We eliminated four storage units and consolidated materials.  Melissa bought some bigger storage units which greatly improved things.  At least I can't be blamed for how the room looks in general as I share it with two tornadoes who use the room to play the Wii as well as watch television.  Apparently neither of them can figure out how to put stuff back or away.  Amazing to say the least.  I have some photos of the new area I will post soon.  I was amazed at how much hackle I have!

We are caught up on orders and have been for some time.  A few recently have rolled in due to Christmas.  I will be turning those out shortly.  I want to get back to work on the size 4s and 6s we have waiting to be painted.  We are looking to branch out some in size.  Our first run of 4s are probably going to be Fire Tigers and Grey Ghosts.  I will, of course, post photos when they are completed. 

Melissa, who has been slacking as well, is working on a website for us and hopefully some shirts.  I would like to start getting some swag out and spreading the word about J&M Flies.  In March there is a fly fishing and tying show in Bethesda, MD that we are hoping to attend.  If we make it, it will be our first one.  We are both excited and nervous about it.  Poppers are a speciality and a seasonal fly.  I hope we will do well but those that have bought from us know that we deliver a solid product with a marvelous paint job if I do say so myself (I can because I do thee stippling).

So that is where we are currently at J&M Flies.  We will be back in production soon and more updates/postings will be forth coming.  On a side note, remember to never take anything or anyone for granted.  What happened in CT was unforgivable and a tragedy.  I, nor anyone else, will ever understand why that man did what he did.  Remember that life is precious and to never take it for granted.  Hug your kids, hug your loved one and cherish them as well as life in general.  We only get one ride.  Enough said.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the new site. Where you are you selling your flies currently? Are people emailing you directly?

  2. Kevin,

    Yes people email us directly. You can email us and Melissa will help you out. We can be reached at