Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I was finally able to get out and do a little fishing on Friday.  I had a rare afternoon off and it was actually sunny out.  So, I decided to hit a local pond to see if I could put a bend in my fly rod.  I haven't been out since 09/04.  Here in Maryland it has rained off and on for almost a month.  Every time I had off it was either raining or had just rained which naturally meant that the river was stained, swollen and fast.  For the past few days, the sun has been out and we haven't had any rain which has been awesome.

Friday was also a chance for Dad and daughter to spend some time together.  She likes fishing and has been asking me to teach her how to fly fish.  Some readers will remember that she has been fly fishing before and caught fish all by herself.  So, as soon as she got home from school, I asked her if she wanted to do a little fishing and she jumped at the chance.  I figured the pond would be the best place given the weather conditions and allowing her a chance to practice her casting.

About the pond, it is rather small and fed by a small spring creek.  It is quite cold.  I stocked it with largemouth and bluegill almost 18 years ago.  I hit it maybe half a dozen times a year.  I try not to over fish it.  It really is my secret spot.  A special little place to be used in case of emergency.  Given that it is fed by a spring creek, it is quite cold which means the fish struggle at times to get moving and eat.

We arrived at the pond and could see the fish hanging near the surface or in the shallows.  Everyone was trying to warm themselves.  We had a hard time catching anything for like the first hour we were there.  I was using a small size 10 clouser in chartreuse and white.  I worked my way around the pond and discovered a 18-20 inch bass hanging in the shallow water.  I cast past the fish and bumped the clouser right down the shoreline. attacked it with a vengeance.  I watched the fish inhale the fly and I set the hook.....only to have the 5x tippet I was using break off.  I watched the fish swim towards deeper water while shaking its head as it tried to get the clouser out of its mouth.  Boy was it pissed.  So, I change in tippet size as well as fly led to more fish.  I switched to a size 10 Cajun tickler and landed a largemouth as well as 2 dozen bluegills.  Around that time, my daughter started begging me to let her fly fish which I did.  She had a hard time casting but gave t a whirl none the less.  Finally, she gave up and let me cast for her.  I would cast out and let her strip it in.  She was a little defeated over this process but still managed to land 7 or 8 bluegills which she was tickled pink about.  Overall it was a great day spending some quality time with my oldest and putting a bend in
my fly rod.

Here are the photos:


  1. Great! I have fallen in love with fishing for these guys. Most relaxing bit of fishing ever invented.

  2. Awesome. I got out too on friday afternoon....Patuxent beaver swamp. All greenies - no bass, no snakeheads....

  3. Thanks all.

    @the lonesome piker....Batman does rule! We love him in this house. My son demands we call him Batman and we all have superhero names. Good times.

  4. Nice post and pics. Gills and bass are always great, especialy wit hyour daughter!

    After moving to MD in June I haven't broken out my fly rod at all yet with the exception of one jaunt to the Gunpowder