Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wow It Has Been A While

since I last posted.  Sorry about that people.  The last two weeks were extremely busy for me.  Not only was my full time job filled with long hours and stressful situations but I also had a lot of fly tying to do for orders.  I did the math last night and since July 4 I have tied up 176 flies.  The majority of them have been poppers.  We just completed another order for our local Orvis store.  This order was for 8 dozen poppers.  We still need to make another 6 dozen.  I did some Fruit Cocktails for a fly swap on Fly Tying Forum and then we did orders of various sizes for people.  Most, if not all, contained poppers and Panfish Persuaders.  I have been getting up before work and hitting the vise for a few hours.  After work I have been coming home and doing the same thing.  It made for some long days but it was worth it.  I actually enjoyed it as well.  I wish I had photos but let's all remember that my camera was last seen tumbling end over end on the bottom of the Monocacy River as the current swept it away 3 weeks ago.  So far work hasn't given me a new camera.  I must say though that I will only be using it, once I get it, to take photos of my flies.  It will no longer be accompanying me on my fishing adventures.  I learned my lesson from losing this one. 

Randy over at Leaping Bluegills received an order of our flies.  He did a nice write up about them here if you would like to see it.  I am excited for Randy to come back from vacation so we can see how well he did with the flies. 

It has been over two weeks since I last had a line wet.  I am hoping to chase some smallies either tonight or tomorrow night or even both if the wife will let me.  I am caught up on orders so right now we are trying to build up our stock which means that I don't feel bad hitting the water.

So stay tuned for more updates and again I am sorry for the delay in posting until now.


  1. J
    Really glad the business is going well. I am not surprised, because your work is exceptional.

  2. I have some open dates and may be out Fredneck way...let me know when things slow down and we will go chase some fish down the Monocacy.

    Also interested in some warmwater flies when your orders slow down a bit. I've got plenty for the moment.

  3. Swamp Thing I am all caught up so let me know. Mondays are good for me. Hit me up at and let me know when.