Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Monday, July 18, 2011

Father/Daughter Evening On The River

My daughter and I decided to do a little fishing yesterday evening.  Typically when we go she brings her chest pack and her Zebco 202 rod and reel.  I only fly fish for the most part anymore.  We wet wade the river and usually have a good time.  It is no secret that she had some severe health problems which doesn't always allow us to spend time together.  Well that coupled with her teenage attitude given she is 16.

Anyways, we hit the river in search of some smallies.  Upon arrival, our first spot was taken so we moved down river for a while patiently waiting for the teenagers to leave.  We caught some nice long eared sunfish and I managed to land two smallies.  My daughter was doing pretty good landing some decent sized long ears.

She asked if we could try the deep hole, which was our first spot, and I said yes.  We moved back up river and found it open and ready to be fished.  We landed more long ears, some red eyed rocks and 1 fall fish.  Sadly no more smallies or largemouth.  Last time we were in this area we hooked up with some nice sized largemouth.  I also let her have a go at fly fishing.  I was using a Road Kill Nymph and kept that on for her.  The added weight allowed her a better chance of casting further.  She loved it.  She actually did pretty good with the casting as well.  We have plans to hit the water again tonight provided the weather holds out.  It is supposed to rain pretty hard later this evening.

All in all it was a pleasant day on the river allowing father and daughter a chance to bond a little.


  1. Really nice, glad you got out and had a good time with your daughter. The fish are always just a bonus.