Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Monday, July 4, 2011

Crappie Day....

pun intended.  We had a couple of orders for flies come in during the week.  I was able to get everything completed in a short amount of time.  The problem with them being shipped was that the stupid US Post Office decided to shut down on Saturday.  Every post office we went to was closed.  Yes we got mail but I guess that they decided to shut the post office down to save money.  WTF???  I don't mind except that a sign or notice or some advanced warning would have been nice.  So with popper bodies drying, the orders completed and ready for shipment, and nothing really for me to do, I was able to sneak out for a while with Greg on Saturday. 

We decided to hit the lake where I did so well last time and Greg had that awful day.  I am happy to say that he had a somewhat better day.  He managed to finish the day without needing stitches and only losing one large, around 4 pounds, largemouth that I am pretty sure brought a tear to his eyes.  Overall though we did well.  Again, the hot fly of the day seemed to be the clouser.  I make mine in a size 10 2X long hook with Kelly green over yellow and some red flash.  I landed around 35 Warmouth, 30 Crappie, 8 Gills (some rather large), 3 Largemouth, 2 Yellow Perch and 2 Long Eared sunfish.  Not bad at all if I do say so myself.  Some thoughts on the crappie.  I can honestly say that I have (a) never caught that many and (b) actually targeted them.  They really are a neat fish.  To watch them chase and swipe at the fly was a lot of fun.  They really do like a good streamer pattern stripped.  Drives them wild.

On a side note, I would like to say that yes I count my fish.  Not for the reason that people might think though.  I have been keeping a log book of my fishing adventures since 1998.  It isn't always about what I catch.  It is more really about the temps, conditions and what flies worked.  It is nice to be able to go back, relive those fishing trips and remind myself what was working at what time.  If you haven't started a log book of some type, due yourself a favor and start one immediately.  They really are worth their weight in gold.

I would also like to comment on my photos.  I apologize for them.  I had to take them with my Blackberry.  Let us not forget that my camera is still at the bottom of the Monocacy River and I haven't been able to replace it as of yet.  I still hope you enjoy seeing them though. 


  1. Nice assortment of fish! Crappie are a blast on the fly. Nice blog too! You got yourself a new follower!

  2. So i lost the fish of the year....since its been that kinda year I'm about on par. But now there's a bass sporting a nice Storm Baby Thunderstick lip bling! That lure was rocking too...oh well!
    Another nice but hot day fishing with son and best all works out!

  3. J
    Every once in a while one has a trip that you just can't forget and this is one trip you will remember. Those crappie are some of the best fish to eat ever, of course you probably know that. Glad you had a great trip.