Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Thursday, August 1, 2013

300th Post

Well folks this is my 300th post.  Hard to believe.  I started this blog as a way to document my misadventures in fly fishing and tying as they were.  I have had a great time doing it.  In the past few years J&M Flies has grown more than we could have ever imagined.  We have branched out to Facebook and Instagram.  We have been busy nonstop since January with orders.  It is pure craziness.  I am finding it hard to squeeze fishing in now.  As such, I also find it hard to keep up with this blog.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining nor is this a bad thing.  We are truly humbled and blown away by the response our flies have gotten.  I feel honored that so many people would like to have some of them.  We have shipped flies to Japan, South Africa, Canada and all over the United States.  Melissa and I both enjoy seeing what people catch with them.  For us, these flies are a labor of love.  We take a long time making them.  We put a lot of care and effort into each popper we make.  I will not sell anything I would not use myself.  My standards are very high.  Each popper is painted by hand using small brushes, brass rods and sewing needles.  Yes you have to wait a while for your order but we think it is worth it.  These flies are hand made in the United States and are designed to last.

We felt that as our 300th post it would be a great time to share some more photos of our customers having success with our flies.  So here are some photos of our flies in action:

Andrew E. with his first fish on the fly.  Landed the bass using a Road Kill

Christopher K. spent a day with a Road Kill

Marty K. swinging the Road Kill and loving it! 

Zach R. with an awesome smallie that could not resist a Sunrise Slammer 

Mike D. celebrated Year of the Bluegill like this

Ken F. killed 'em with the Roadkill


  1. Congrats on 300. You make a good product. The buyers will continue to come.

  2. So impressed with individuals who own their business, continued success.