Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another New Tying Video

For my birthday recently, Melissa and the kids got me a DVD copy of the TheWeeklyFly Top 10 Warmwater Patterns.  The video is done by three different tiers who tie the following flies: Clouser, Quad Bunny, Dahlberg Diver, Swimming Baitfish, Biggies Crayfish, Gurgler, Carp Pattern, Slingblade Spoonfly, Monkey Mouse and Deer Hair Popper.  I shoved the DVD into the computer and took a quick look around.  Definitely good.  I am digging it.  I will have a lot of reading and watching to do this winter and I can't wait.  I am looking to tie some different patterns and expand my horizons a little.  While I don't have it...yet, I also saw that the company makes a Spinning Deer Hair: Spun Deer Hair Flies.  I will most likely pick this one up sooner rather than later.  Still trying to master this part of tying.

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  1. I'm still hoping you start tying some sweet trout fies!