Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Please Forgive Me For I Have Sinned!

I am a fly fisherman through and through.  I love it.  It is a passion of mine.  According to my wife it borders on an obsession.  It really is a way of life for me.  I am not really a purist in the sport since I tend to chase the green trout more than the others but it still rules my life.  With all that being said, I sinned yesterday.  Please forgive me.

Greg and I had a chance to slip away for a little bit yesterday during our lunch break.  We were in a neighboring county near the pond we usually fish.  Some may remember this place as I have talked and written about it before.  It is heavily wooded around the shore.  There is really only one place to cast from around the whole pond, this being a small little point.  This area has produced for me before on the fly rod with a 19 inch largemounth on a white Road Kill Nymph earlier this year.  Anyways, knowing that we would have some time to possibly fish this pond I brought my fly rod as well as my sinful device know to most as a spinning rod.  Rarely if ever now do I spin fish.  After picking up the fly rod, I have found it to be more rewarding as well as challenging.  I really cant describe in words how much I love fly fishing.

Meal time arrived and we raced off to the pond.  Here in Maryland it, shocker, rained all day yesterday.  At times it was a pretty hard rain.  We drove to the spot we normally park at and walked the ten minutes back to the pond.  Of course on the way there, the skies opened up again and it started to rain heavily.  We pushed on to the pond.  When we arrived, we discovered that the little point was totally under water from all the rain the past month.  Not only was that under water but the entire pond was surrounded by algae.  This ring started at the shoreline and worked its way out from there.  In some places it was out at far as say eight feet.  Taking a look around, I immediately knew I would have to sin with the spinning rod.  Given we only had an hour to work our way around the pond we moved quickly hitting the usual haunts in search of Mr. Bucket-Mouth.  By the time we finished, Greg had landed eight or nine fish and I landed four.  My first green trout was OK.  The next two were great though.  The first was 2 pounds 14 ounces and the second was 2 pounds 12 ounces.  The other first was a little bluegill.

It wasn't a bad hour of fishing at all.  It was nice to be out despite the rain.  My issue was that I feel as though I have sinned and offended the fishing gods.  Please forgive me.


  1. Well, there really is no way to forgive you...OMG, nice fish! Who cares what you use.

  2. Well, that would make me a big time "sinner". Fly fishing is great fun, but, I prefer the spinning rod these days!

  3. Be happy to send you sinners some spinners, if you promise to get them wet! New promotion - Spinners for Sinners - I like it.

    Send me an email with your address, and you'll get a care package shortly.

    Might have to change the name to - Fish Creek Sinners - lol.

    I used to say I was a Wiscon-sinner, growing up. Always made more sense then Wisconsinite, lol.

    Anyways, nice bass. And I agree it's refreshing to be moving more freely and covering more terrain. IMO.

  4. Welcome to the dark side! Just stay away from baitcasting, live target frogs, and the nastiest scum you could may never go back.

  5. Jeff
    Nice largemouth any day of the week, especially with a limited amount of time you guys had. I am looking forward to receiving the Road Kills, and getting them in the mouth of one of those spots on Smith.