Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fire Tiger Foam Diver

Just a quick post on a foam diver color combo I did.  I'm a big fan of the Fire Tiger color combo.  We have been doing foam divers for an order.  Love them.  Fished them twice this year with spectacular results.  These flies will be available when we eventually make it through our backlog.  Anyways, here is the Fire Tiger Diver color combo:

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S size 2
Thread: Flat waxed nylon
Tail: 20 pound mono loop
Tail: Hareline Dubbin Inc Micro Rabbit in Orange
Tail: Copper Flashabou
Marabou: Hareline Dubbin Inc Hot Orange
Palmer Chenille: Black
Marabou: Hareline Dubbin Inc Chartreuse
Eyes: Hareline 3/16" Oval Pupil 3D eyes Orange/Black Pupil
Finish it off with Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish flow
Dog hair not included.....golden retriever/yellow lab mix must be purchased separately


  1. Cool flies, love the fire tiger.
    Where do you get the foam heads?

    1. Thanks man. I'm a big fan of the Fire Tiger. The foam heads are made by Rainy's. They come three to a pack and in three different sizes. These are the small size. The cost between 7-8 bucks. Pricy but most bass flies this big are.