Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday Was An Amazing Mail Day!

I am a little late getting to this but I still wanted to share it with you all.  Monday was a most amazing mail day.  I have been talking with Jonathan Marquardt of Badaxedesign recently.  During our conversations, I managed to secure two of his prints.  I have been a fan of his work for some time now.  For those that don't know about Jonathan, I highly encourage you all to check him out.  He was recently featured in American Angler magazine.  He has a Facebook page which can be seen here as well as a website which can be found here.

Jonathan's art is different than most.  He uses linocut printmaking instead of traditional paint brushes.  According to Jonathan's website "Linocut block printing is akin to Japanese woodcuts and intaglio.  I use two gouges to carve the surface of my linoleum covered blocks upon which I sketch reverse images for my final pieces."  I like this style of print.  Each one is special, done by hand, and original.  Jonathan's art is also very reasonably priced which makes it affordable for blue collar fly fishing enthusiasts such as myself.  What's not to like??

I am very happy with my two prints.  I have already been asking Melissa for frames for them. They need to be properly displayed in the tying room.  

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