Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Saturday, April 6, 2013

First 'Gill for the YOTB!

Seems like forever ago since my last blog post.  I have a ton of posts I would like to do but never seem to get around to them.  When I am not trying to fill orders, I am sharing photos on the Facebook page as well as on Instagram.  I need to be better with the blog.  It is after all where it all started so to speak.

I managed to sneak out yesterday for a little bit during my lunch hour.  I was at work and near pond X.  As some might recall, this pond has been good to me in the past.  It isn't fished much but it can be difficult to fish.  It has a lot of trees and brush along the shoreline thus making it difficult to cast in many places.  Wading is not an option for a number of reasons.  I decided to hit the pond yesterday since I was going to be in the area.  It was right at 60 degrees here in Maryland yesterday but windy.  The area where the pond is located got a ton of rain the night before thus making the water murky at best.  That coupled with the nights still getting down into the 30s, made the fishing slow.  Actually slow might have been a gross understatement.  I managed to land 12 'gills in two hours of fishing.  I did lose a few but for the most part I landed everything I hooked.  The first ten were landed on a chartreuse Road Kill.  The last two were caught using a chartreuse Persuader just for shits and grins.  I figured why not try and land not only the first 'gill but the first 'gill on top as well.  All in all it was a great trip and I was happy to get out.


  1. Congratulations, Jeff, on your first 'gills of the year. Always great to get out and get the rust off and the pond fish are near ready to go to. Some different colorations on the fish in pictures 2 & 3. Enlighten me if you can. Thanks for sharing.