Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beaver Creek Fishing Report

Since I can't do any warm water fishing right now thanks to the weather, I decided to turn my attention to trout.  I would really like to up my trout game.  I used to chase them all the time but in the past several years I only go out for them maybe a handful of times.  It isn't a case of not wanting to chase them, I just tend to be busy tying during trout season.  I will add though that I would rather chase smallies and panfish on the fly but given the time of year, beggars can't be choosers.  Seems when trout season rolls in here in Maryland, most people are stocking up on flies in anticipation for Spring.  As such, we tend to be very busy during this time frame.

I did manage to slip out on Sunday 02/24/2013 for a little fishing up at Beaver Creek.  For those that don't know, Beaver Creek is Maryland's only true limestone spring stream and has wild browns in it.  There are some rainbows here and there as well.  This was only my second time going to this stream.  I like it and I would like to fish it more.  Boy though can it be tough.  Don't expect to go there and have 20 fish days.  These fish are well educated and need to be stalked at times.  With the brush, trees, and undergrowth casting can be a challenge as well.  The stream is healthy though and has a ton of aquatic insect life as you will see from the photos below.  To read about my earlier report on Beaver Creek from last year check it out here.

I had Jon and Debbie meet me at my house Sunday morning.  We have been friends for a while now but only managed to fish one other time together.  My full time job tends to get in the way of fishing sometimes.  Craziness!  It was good to see them and good to be out fishing with them again.  The temp was 37 degrees but with the wind chill it was 27.  Tough fishing conditions.  I, however, was going crazy sitting in the house and had to fish soon so I was going regardless.  I was having a bad case of cabin fever.  Jon and Debbie finally arrived and off we went.  Upon arrival, we hit up the Beaver Creek Fly Shop for some goodies.  I spoke with the owner James about the stream and what was working.  If you are in the area or want to fish the stream, check out the Beaver Creek Fly Shop.  They have a great selection of stuff and James in well versed on the stream.  They can be found here.

We finally hit the water and started fishing.  I decided to rock some fiberglass again and was using my Eagle Claw Featherlight 6'6 rod.  In an effort to do some R&D, I decided to throw the small size 10 white Fish Skull bait fish pattern I have been working on.  I wanted to check it and make sure it swam right but I also thought I could move some big browns with it.  I have heard stories and seen a few photos about the big browns that cruise this stream.  Some go as high as 27 inches.  Monsters indeed!  I was hoping to latch on to one of these brutes by swinging the white bait fish pattern.  Sadly, it was not to be.  We managed to work our way down stream and find a decent hole that had rising fish in it.  I switched to a size 18 black trico with white poly wings.  On my second drift, I stuck a brown about 15 or so inches but lost him.  A few drifts later, I managed to land this brownie

No monster for sure but hey it was a wild brown and I was on the board for 2013.  Debbie had a few strikes but lost them.  Jon was a decent fellow and played camera man rather than fish.  We leapfrogged down stream swinging flies for browns.  After a while, James came by headed to a hole further down stream.  He was going to throw articulated streamers for those big browns.  I followed him down and watched him fish for a while.  He manged to move a few browns and even hooked one but it got off.  I managed to move a few other fish and even landed a small creek chub but no other trout came to hand that day.  After a few hours, we decided to call it quits.  Everyone was freezing and our hands hurt really bad.  Overall it was a great time spent with great friends.  I enjoyed myself and I am happy to be on the board for 2013 with at least one brown and one cheek chub.  Hopefully there will be more.

Debbie trying the pool where they were rising

Me with a hook up 

Jon tying stuff on 

Debbie working a pool 

What to pick, what to pick? 

Where? Right there! They are right there! 

 James, owner of Beaver Creek Fly Shop, stripping for browns

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  1. Beggars can't be choosers? I'm crushed Jeff. Ha! I will admit I enjoy getting out occasionally for bluegill and bass. Of course it's usually during the really hot summer days when the trout are resting in the shade. Oh well, you know about beggars. I think you need to tie me a handful of trout specials to try.