Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Got Interviewed

Recently, Paul over at Frankenfly sent Melissa and I an email asking to interview us. We happily agreed. Paul sent some questions over which we answered. We were very honored that a fellow blogger found us interesting enough to interview. We found answering the questions made us take a look back at J&M Flies. Hard to believe that this April will be two years for us. If you would like to read the interview, it can be found at While you are there, check out Paul's site. Paul is working hard on the site and it looks great. Paul writes on the About FrankenFly page "I created FrankenFly hoping to provide all kinds of fly tying information. I want to shine a spotlight on unappreciated tyers, while also posting fly tying interviews, product reviews, new products, history, and anything else fly tying related. I want FrankenFly to be a place that others with the same passion and devotion to fly tying call home." This is certainly a site we, at J&M Flies, can get behind and encourage. We are followers for sure.


  1. Been a follower and reader of FrankenFly for awhile now and really enjoy the effort he has made to shed light on some great fly tying. Jeff, you and Melissa, did a great job with the interview and the pictures you provided were awesome.