Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fishing Report from 08/14/2012

I had arranged a fishing trip with my neighbor and long time friend Ian.  He doesn't get out much do to family obligations so I have, of course, been pestering him to get out this year with me.  We arranged to head to the Monocacy River on Tuesday.  So what happens on rains.  Of course, it rains.  I am positive now that Mother Nature hates me.  I got from Ian saying it had rained.  A quick check outside revealed wet ground and a wet road.  Why o why Mother Nature do you do this to me???  The Monocacy River has a lot of sediment and as such becomes a river of chocolate colored mud after it rains.  Therefore, it is unfishable right after it rains most of the time.  I decided that I would not be beaten by Mother Nature this time.  Scotty and I hopped in the SUV and headed off to check the water conditions.  Upon arrival, I was stunned.  Amazed really.  It clearly did not rain as hard as I had thought it had.  The river was low but clear.  I could see the bottom all the way across it.  Good stuff!  I sent Ian a text explaining the conditions.  He called me shortly there after and said he was ready to go.  We fished from about 2 in the afternoon until dark.  We had a great day on the water.  Ian is a die hard popper fan and was throwing the Fish Foolin' Frog and Popper Smurf.  He did well and ended the day with around 50 fish of which 8 were smallies.  I started out throwing the chartreuse Panfish Persuader.  After about 50 or so fish, it had had it.  I decided to switch to the Fire Tiger in size 10 and again did really well.  I landed 52 long ears, 2 bluegills, 2 warmouth, 1 red eyed rock and 9 smallies.  Yes I count the fish.  I do this for my log book and in an effort to monitor the conditions of the river.

It was so nice to have some top water action.  Finally!  I have been waiting all year for this time.  As of late, because of the rain, the top water action has been very slow to nonexistent.  This was the first outing of the year in which top water was the shit.  I have so missed those explosive strikes.  It never ceases to amaze me at how hard some of the fish smash the fly.  You always think you have a huge fish based upon the strike only to reel in some little tiny guy.  Well it doesn't really matter to me though as a fish is a fish is a fish.  They all count in my book and they are all fun to catch regardless of the size.

Ian is a Giant!  He makes everything look small

Hungry little guy 

Made for Panfish...loved by all! 

Trying out the new under water camera 

My only red eye of the day.  If you look closely, you can see the orange legs in his mouth 

Everyone loves the Firetiger! 


  1. I can hear my mom's saying always around dinner time. "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach." Looks like those fish had the same problem.