Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Got Mentioned Over At Windknots & Tangled Lines

Howard over at Windknots and Tangled Lines did a nice post about tying flies in general and warm water flies in particular.  First thing Melissa said when she read it was "This is you to a T."  I do tend to my a lot of materials!  I am also in the same boat as Howard.  I tried to fish as much as I could during our trip to Harman's because I knew when I got back, I wouldn't be doing a whole lot of it.  I have 4 dozen Panfish Persuaders and 43 dozen poppers to tie.  I am going to be quite busy for the next few weeks.  Anyways, visit Howard's blog and take a look at the post.  It can be found here.  Lunch time is over....back to the factory!  Enjoy!


  1. Well Jeff, thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. I just wanted to see how many new clients you could get before you say uncle and hire some help!!

    1. Gee thanks Howard! LOL! I might have to quit my day job in order to fill fly orders but its all good. You are welcome for the shout out. Well deserved!