Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Factory Is In Full Swing

We, at J&M Flies, have been quite busy as of late and as such I haven't had much time to post.  With 300 flies ordered, let's face it...we have been slammed.  I wanted to let everyone know that we are working hard on every one's order though.  We have all the Road Kills, Monocacy Bumble Bees and Panfish Persuaders done.  I will be starting on the gurglers this morning and hope to have them done by tomorrow.  I stippled the crap out of two wheels worth of poppers yesterday.  They received their first coat of varnish last night.  Usually our turn around time is a week at most.  When all these orders came in, I was out of the state on a business trip.  We also had to hospitalize our daughter for a week which set us back a little as well.  Of course the icing on the cake with the hole in my retina I apparently have thanks to my job and the stress of our daughter being sick.  With all that being said though, we are plugging away on everything and finally on the downward slide.

I started this blog back in late 2010 as a way to record my fishing trips and share my flies with everyone.  I had actually started my blog on another forum but when they lost their server I lost my blog and decided to move elsewhere.  After reading Pat Cohen's blog, I decided to switch to Blogger.  I wanted to keep the blog just about fly fishing (with an occasional sinning thrown in) and fly tying.  Please don't get me wrong as I am not knocking others for their blogs.  Writing about politics, dogs, hunting etc just isn't my thing.  Along the way I have met some great people, read some truly awesome blogs and shared some hilarious memories with others.  I am not a prolific writer.  I am not a funny writer any more than I am a great story teller.  Most times I have to have Melissa spell check my post for me before I publish it.  I tend to think faster than I type which causes me to leave out a few words here and there or use the wrong word at times.  You may be asking yourself at this point, where is he going with this?  Is he shutting down the blog like others have done recently?  No I am not.  I do understand though the need to post and how this has lead others to shut down their blogs.  It does take a lot of work keeping up with this animal.  I know now that I haven't done the best job but I have had fun.  I saw yesterday that we lost a follower along the way but also gained some new faces.  To our new faces...welcome. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in fishing and tying.  To our lost follower....sorry to see you go.  Maybe we need an exit interview?  I just wanted to sit down and share my thoughts about the blog with you all.  I am sad to see a few blogs recently close down but like I said, I understand it.  At times I feel forced or compelled to post which I never want to have happen.  This should be something fun, entertaining and little hearty.  Enough with the sermon/rant.  I am off the soap box now.....
White Road Kill being made

Red Road Kill being made 

Tan/Root Beer Panfish Persuader in progress 

Almost finished Tan/Root Beer Panfish Persuader 

In progress Monocacy Bumble Bee 

What is left over from making 17 bees 

Road Kills done 

Melissa has a ton of wings to cut! 

Chili Frogs, Retros and Fire Tigers 

A few Fruit Cocktails 

Some Safety Cone Slayers 

Sunrise Slammers 

And the famous Fish Foolin' Frog 


  1. Nicely said. In my mind when you start a blog and go after followers, you commit to writing on a regular basis. (whatever that may be) It's hard to do sometimes as life gets in the way. (see my blog today) We do as best we can and if we can't we fold.

  2. J & M
    I am so proud for you guys and I know this is just the beginning of something that could lead you and your wife to more employees in the future. This is something you might want to check out--the website ---They sell flies made by different individuals, this may be another way to get your flies out there. Thanks for making some great poppers and enabling me to land a bunch of fish on them.