Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Road Kills and Poppers A Plenty

For the past week or so we at J&M Flies have been quite busy.  We have had a number of orders come in for poppers and Road Kill Nymphs.  Some of the orders have been rather large and have taken us longer than normal to get out.  Sorry about that people. Trust me we are working on your items every single day and yes I mean every single day.  I dont mind though as I have enjoyed it and I know the wife has as well.  We haven't tied Road Kills in quite a while so it was fun to tie them again.  Like something new for us.  As for the poppers, we have been painting and tying multiples of every color combo we offer right now.  Take a look at the wheels and you will see multiple poppers in all the color combos in various stages of finish.  Pretty much everyone know has got varnish on them and we are just waiting for them to cure before adding hackle, calf tail and legs to them. That should be later in the week.  After that, they will be shipped out to their various destinations in order to land that lunker everyone hunts for.  Well at least I hope they land a lunker.  They do catch a lot of fish.
Here are photos of the wheels full of poppers

Sunrise Slammers 

Fish Foolin' Frog 

Safety Cone Slayers 

Teal Poppers 

More Fish Foolin' Frogs and Retro Lime-A-Poppers 

Fruit Cocktails 

Chilli Frogs 

Fire Tigers 

Teal poppers and Fire Tigers in size 10 that still need stippling 

Not to be out done by the poppers are the Road Kill Nymphs.  I use these flies for both bass and panfish. They rock!  These guys are white/black, light olive/black, dark olive/black, and purple/black.  I caught my largest largemouth to date on the fly rod last year on one of the white ones.  It went 20 inches and fought like the dickens.  I still have to tie up some in red, chartreuse and orange.  Drop us a line and order some up!  You won't be disappointed.

And the night would not be complete without a shot of my tying companion.....Scotty

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