Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cleaning Up The Tying Area

For the past few months, supplies have rolled in and orders have rolled out.  Thus the tying desk has become a wreck.  Of course, it doesn't help that I share my area with the wife's beading hobby, the spare bed and the Wii which the kids use on a daily basis.  Naturally all this stuff leads to the room being cluttered with crap from each and every member of the household.  The younger one leaves his toys in there that need to be fixed.  I swear at times he is like the Hulk.  He doesn't know his own strength and as such requires Daddy to fix everything.  He is at that age where apparently everything can be fixed with glue or so he thinks.  The older one leaves her stuff in there cause she is simply too lazy to pick it up.  If this is the future of American, the future of America looks bleak.  And no this isn't just because of my child.  I see this kind of thing daily in my full time job.  I found mail in there today that the wife left in there along with the assorted other crap.  It amazes me what makes its way into the room.  So, I put on Facebook today on the J&M Flies site that it was time to make the poppers.  The problem was that I couldn't even get to the crap to make the poppers because of everything that was in the way.  Therefore, I spent several hours today cleaning and organizing the area some what.  I am not even sure if I made a dent in it.  It looks the same just with some new labels.  I give up.  I was able to work on poppers though.  We have two wheels of poppers a going currently with multiple colors on them.  I should be able to finish both wheels tomorrow.  My back was killing me today and has been since the weekend.  It sucks getting old and lifting 325 pounds of dead weight just didn't work out well for me at work the other day.  Oh well.  Here are some photos of the tying area over the past few months:
Notice the toys?

A close up of the island of broken toys 

Kitchen Chef that needs fixing 

Wheel of Poppers 

Runs of Poppers 

Everyone needs foam and lots of it 

A drawer full of flash for bees and persuaders 

A list of what is done and what still needs to be done and everyone needs a rubber chicken in their tying area

Chenille-boxes of chenille 

Foam, dubbing and chenille-did I mention there is foam in here? 

Beads, beads, beads 

Coffee-a must for the tying desk 

Wheels of poppers 

Tying is never complete without my furry friend either in his chair, on the bed or on the floor apparently


  1. Hey Jeff. Be glad you have a dog. Can you imagine what my three cats would do to your room. Me, I'd have feathers all over the house. That's why they are banned from downstairs where my tying bench is.


  2. I share my space as part of the family room. I feel your pain. Just did a little reorg on my tying area as well. Gets messy fast.