Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Contest Time Again!

Here at J & M Flies, we have decided to hold another popper naming contest.  Not only is this your chance to get something for free but it is also a chance for you to have a fly named after you so to speak.  In the comments section, please give me your name ideas for each of the following flies.  Please indicate which of the flies you are naming (yellow, green or teal).    If you come up with the name we choose to use, we will send you the fly in the size of your choice (either in 8 or 10).

Here is the fine print so read carefully:
You must be or become a follower of my blog to enter.
If you are not a follower, and you enter, your entry will not count.
You can enter as many names as you want.
Deadline to enter is December 31st- I'll announce the winners soon after that.
Please remember this is totally subjective and only for fun...

Names will be chosen by my family.  
All decisions on the names are final.

So here they are:


  1. Yellow-Sickly Bee
    Green-XPOP (Xfor xmas, Pop for popper)
    Well, there you have it. All my teenage creativity juices compiled int one comment ;D Thanks,


  2. Yellow - Chicken Pox
    Green - Griswald Greenie
    Blue - Dr. Popper

    The yellow one looks like it has chicken pox. The green one just popped into my head because I am wanting to see Christmas Vacation and the blue one was named Dr. Popper because I thought it was catchy and you need a doctor when you have the Chicken Pox.

    Okay, I will try harder next time.

  3. Yellow - Tutti Fruiti
    Green - Squirrel hurl
    Blue - Thin mint

  4. Yellow-Jungle Pop
    Blue-Blue Bomber

  5. Jeff
    All these poppers are awesome as usual, so here is my go at giving all these bugs a name:
    The yellow one--is of course the "Skink Popper"
    The blue one --is the "Blue Deamon Popper"
    The green one--is the "the Stealth Popper"

  6. Yellow/orange = "Sunrise Slammer"
    Green/red = "Color Blind"
    Blue = "The Aqua Marine"

  7. Yellow/orange = Secret Sherbert (secret weapon in the fly box)
    Green/red = Watermelon Bubblegum (looks like watermelon bubblegum)
    Blue = Tar heel Bug (if you're a Carolina Fan)
    Blue Bass Devil (If you're a Duke Fan)

  8. Not in the competition, but why would you call the top one Chicken Pox when you could name it Smallie Pox?

  9. Another option for the blue one : Blue Gill Devil (once again if Duke Fan)

  10. Some good entries so far people. Keep them coming!

  11. Yellow = Yellow Brick Road
    Green = Chili Frog
    Blue = Sky Fly

  12. 1. Tiger-pop 2. Franken-pop 3. Ice-pop Eric Larsen. . . .still trying to figure out how to join

  13. Yellow = Sunspot Sniper or Solar Flare Frog
    Green = Road Toad or Roadkill Toad
    Teal = Washer Fluid Wonder