Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunfish Streamer Pattern 2.0

I have been working on a streamer pattern for some time now.  When I fish for smallies, I usually end up catching fish in say the 10-14 inch range.  This doesn't bother me as the river I fish is an under rated smallmouth fishery anyways and doesn't hold big fish or large numbers of medium size fish.  Well at least not where I fish it.  Typically I use flies in sizes 8, 10 or 12 to catch these smallies.  Some of my biggest smallies have come on the Monocacy Bumble Bee in size 10.  Go figure.  So I didn't want to be a one trick pony regarding the poppers.  I have always enjoyed streamer fishing and have found that the fish will bite on streamers when they won't hit anything else.  A while back, I tried making some of these guys in size 10.  It was tough to say the least given the size.  I wanted to give it another whirl using some size 8 streamer hooks I forgot I had.  I actually like them a lot. I am just not in love with the nose but I have to remember it is hard to shove all that material in one place under thread and not have it stick out a little.  Please tell me what you all think.  Again, I posted something similar some time ago but this is the new and improved version.

Thread-Uni Olive 6/0
Lead Wire for Weight-.015
Tail,Spine and Head-Micro Pine Squirrel in Olive
Body-Cactus Chenille in Hot Orange
Gills/Blood-Congo Hair Red


  1. I like it , and I'm pretty sure the fish wouldn't mind that nose section that you pointed out. If it bothers you though, you could always use an epoxy (I like clear cure goo) on the head and move your eyes forward to cover the thread. Nice tie and it gives me some ideas to play around with at the bench....Thanks.

  2. Highplainesflyfisher thanks for looking and commenting. I have been wanting to try the CCG. I like the look just cant afford it right now. Good idea though. Thanks again.

  3. I like it also, despite the nose. Large protrusions are points of distinction that will help people remember. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. HA! Nice Cofisher. I like it and thanks for looking/commenting.

  5. I'm also a fan of custom pattern flies, especially streamers. Not only do they draw the eye but the satisfaction of the tug once you're on the water is priceless.

    Should work like catnip for smallies.


  6. Ope,

    Thanks. I can't wait to hit the smallie water with it!