Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Harman's Day 2 Round 2 2011-Morning Session

So I decided this trip that once again I would be getting up early to chase the fish.  Early for me means 8 or so.  I am really not a morning person.  In fact I hate mornings!  Having been to Harman's now three times, the wife and I have developed a routine so to speak.  It works well for both of us.  I get up early and fish.  I then come home and have breakfast.  She sleeps as late as possible since she can't do it with the kids.  If she gets up before I return, she lays around and reads.  I usually head back around 12 or so.  That way I take a short break, grab some food and relax before heading out again for the evening session.  A win win for all.  Oh and the wife is very good at making sure hot food is ready for my upon my return.

So, I got up early and headed out.  I went behind the cabin and tried to fish the stream there.  It had a few people already there so I decided to head to the big pool out by cabin 15.  Usually when I come to Harman's it is in September and this pool is very slow moving.  I wasn't sure what I would find this go around.  Upon arriving at the pool, I saw that the water looked great.  This is standing in the middle of the pool and looking up stream:
and this is looking down stream:

It is a rather large pool to work.  Plus there is some fast water at the top that one could work.  Anyways, I decided to stay with the black woolly bugger.  I could see the bows cruising throughout the pool.  There were some big ones!  Throwing the black woolly bugger yielded a number of follows at first.  After a while though, they got bored with it.  I noticed though that they appeared to be sipping midges off the top.  Some of these guys were going to town.  I even saw some browns getting in on the action.  Nothing I threw at them though worked.  I, of course, left all of my dries at the cabin.  I figured I wouldn't need them since it was November and I would only be using nymphs and streamers.  In the end, I did manage to land three.  I, as usual, lost more than I landed.  Go figure.  Here are some photos of the three I managed to net:

With three bows netted, and the time approaching noon, I decided to call it and head back tot he cabin for some grub.  Stay tuned for the afternoon/evening session when I landed some big bows.


  1. It's nice to know that fish are the same wherever you go as are we. If you are fishing nymphs and streamers you will for sure need dries. Don't we all make the same mistake?

  2. It is soooooooo furstrating to see the trout and get no hits, when like you say throw everything at them----looking forward to your next report.