Largemouth Bass Lineup

Largemouth Bass Lineup

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Escaped the Sweat Shop for an Afternoon

I took today off in order to finish my popper order for the Orvis shop.  However, it was almost 80 degrees here in Maryland today.  The weather here has been crazy.  A few times last week we had snow on the ground over night.  It has been raining off and on plus it looks like it might rain for the next 10 or so days.  I spent all of last week and literally all weekend painting poppers.  I managed to paint all 96 poppers for the Orvis order!!!  I got all but 36 of them sealed.  So, given the nice weather I decided to make a break from the sweat shop and run like crazy to the local pond with a friend. 

Here is the pond:

As you can see, it isnt very large but is does hold some nice fish.  We managed to see quite a few largemouth in the 18-20 inch range swimming around but they wont touch a thing.  Here are some photos of what we did mange to land though:

I was amazed to see that some of them hit on the top water flies but hey who am I to argue or say it is to early to do so? 

I would also like to take this chance to point out that my takeon Dave Whitlock's Fruit Cocktail worked like a charm.  I managed to land two largemouth and a few gills on it.  Here they are:

Last but not least, I managed to land two largemouth on the Monocacy Bumble Bee.  Here they are:

All in all it wasnt a bad day of fishing.  I managed to land 4 largemouth and 15 bluegill.  Nice for this time of year in Maryland.  My friend also landed a few gills but no bass.


  1. I've read so much about crappy fishing, sadly we don't have the conditions for them in the U.K.

    I would dealy love to have a go at them early season, as I gather they hit dries like mad when they are spawning?

  2. Very nice!!! I hear ya on the weather yesterday here was 68 today 33. Oh an d I think you bought out J.S of bream bodies lol. I ordered 5 packs and they are on backorder now lol. Can't wait to see some pics of all those poppers together.

  3. Looks like a good day. We're 3 weeks behind weather wise and I can't wait to do some casting.

  4. Nice way to spend and afternoon. Nice indeed.


  5. Thanks guys.

    Flfishermanrichard these are actually bluegill. They also attack poppers and dries.

    Wes I am not surprised. Hee hee! Sorry about that.

    John we are still struggling weather wise here. The wind was whiping that day which is why I chose to go to that pond. It is located down a large hill in a valley. Soon man soon....